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We are goji

Save Time, Money and Effort.
Focused, personalised, tailored approach

goji offers an online talent search platform with a simple monthly or annual membership, clients can search and hire directly from our vetted pool of seasoned bilingual professionals. No agency fees involved!


We believe that recruitment is more than just a number on paper, and more empathetic values lead to better hires.

Intelligent matching
goji intelligently matches outstanding bilingual professionals to part-time, full-time, contract, project and freelance opportunities. We utilise a unique and proprietary combination of matching technology and human empathy to create meaningful connections.

Save time & money on searching & hiring
We simplify the hiring process and reduce your hiring costs so you can focus on attracting and hiring the best talent for your business, without worrying about the high recruitment fees and agency biases involved.


goji was established with the aim of providing opportunities for talented professionals to engage in fulfilling work and projects, irrespective of age, gender, or nationality, and to make meaningful contributions to society.

While most major recruitment agencies primarily focus on recruiting labor forces from young to middle-aged generations, the Japanese talent market is a treasure trove of highly skilled “true professionals” regardless of age or gender. We genuinely wish to assist these “true professionals” in finding opportunities to thrive in meaningful and fulfilling work and projects, and to enjoy a fulfilling work-life balance.

The registered talents with goji are genuine professionals who have achieved accomplishments in the following fields:

  • Corporate accounting, taxation, internal/external auditing
  • Finance, accounting, budgeting, business planning, financial analysis
  • Human resources (payroll, social insurance, employee benefits)
  • Talent development, training/coaching
  • M&A, development, and implementation of corporate restructuring plans
  • ERP system implementation (SAP, Oracle)
  • IT specialists (CISM, CISSP, PMP)
  • Interim management for mid-term and short-term roles such as Finance Director

We are confident that we can bring a fresh perspective to the future employment forms, methods, and work styles in Japan. Through goji, we are committed to making this a reality.


Find high-skilled and global human resources with goji

  • Approach to Reliable Talents
    goji provides a matching service with highly skilled professionals. We have a particularly rich pool of talents who excel in the global business scene. By using our search function, you can find professionals with high skill sets who have passed goji’s screening process.
  • Intelligent Matching
    goji offers tailored matching solutions to meet the needs of various companies, including startup companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and global corporations. Whether it’s for project-based, medium to long-term, or full-time hiring to strengthen your workforce, or utilizing freelancers for short-term projects, we can cater to the recruitment needs of your company.
  • Save Time and Cost in Searching and Hiring
    By becoming a member of goji, you can directly negotiate with the ideal candidates without going through a recruitment agency. During the membership registration, you will enter into a contract with goji either through an annual membership fee or a one-time fixed service fee. Why not hire the “perfect” talent for your company? goji combines the expertise of specialists with our unique matching technology, going beyond mere AI matching, to connect companies and job seekers.


Service Plans

Achieve cost-effective hiring with our fixed service fee

  • Flat service fees based on the number of hires, regardless of contract details or duration.
  • The service fee is fixed and paid only once during the initial contract.
  • After the service fee is paid, direct contracts without goji’s involvement are allowed.
  • No additional fees for re-contracting after the initial contract period, and it’s possible to enter into a new contract with the same talent.

Option Plans


  • We provide comprehensive support from identifying challenges, defining requirements, to assisting with implementation. Even if it’s your first time utilizing freelancers or if your internal recruitment resources are limited (※for companies where registering multiple new vendors is challenging), you can rely on us with confidence.
  • Key Plan Details:
  • Identifying business challenges and talent needs
  • Assisting in team formation and recruitment strategy incorporating freelancers, providing recommendations
  • Creating detailed job postings
  • Selecting and introducing highly skilled freelancers (including qualifications and identity verification)
  • Negotiating terms with talents (compensation, start date, commitment level, etc.)
  • Support in contract drafting
  • Aftercare and follow-up

Note: Please note that “freelancer” is used in this translation as a general term for individuals working independently, and “aftercare” refers to continued support or assistance after the initial engagement.

Find the perfect person for Accounting Finance FP&A HR Payroll Corporate Tax Personal Tax Internal Audit External AuditIPO M&A Interim CFO Interim COO Interim CEO Executive Coaching Sales Training Learning & Development


“Trial search” – First, you can do a trial search to find potential candidates. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding contracts or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.


You can have set up direct interview with the candidates. In the consulting/follow-up plan, it is also possible to arrange interviews through goji.


Regarding the employment or contract conditions, you will directly discuss with the candidates and enter into a direct contract with them upon mutual agreement. This allows for significant reduction in hiring costs.

Ready to begin your journey with goji?

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