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Choice and Control.

Businesses recognize your real value and allow you to take control of your own job or project. You advise, the client decides. This is the new working style promoted by goji and accepted by many of our clients.

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We are goji.

Focusing on “just-in time” and “on-demand” professional talents, we help bridge the talent gap by intelligently matching outstanding bilingual professionals with businesses.

We are an online platform connecting bilingual professionals and employers.

The opportunity to demonstrate your real value is already set. Now, all it takes is for you to take one more step, and the stage is yours.


Our Purpose

goji offers a one-of-a-kind matching service that empowers registered users to showcase their abilities under better business terms and flexible work environment.

goji is a service that can help companies reduce recruitment costs. It enables companies to prioritize skill sets, experience, and achievements of registered users in their hiring process. For registered users, goji provides a platform for matching where they can leverage their uniqueness and deliver their best performance.

It is an online platform where companies can find you

goji is not your typical job board. Once you register, it becomes a space where companies take an interest in you and reach out to you directly, without any agents involved. After completing your registration, companies will reach out to you directly if there is a good match.

Going beyond expectations with your initiative

As a professional, you have the power to take initiative and exceed the expectations of the company. This work style allows you to enjoy your work while delivering impressive outcomes.

Direct negotiations/multiple contracts with one company or multiple companies are made possible

You have the ability to directly negotiate with companies, without involving an agent, for various aspects such as working conditions. Additionally, you can establish contracts with multiple clients and projects. This grants you the freedom to utilize your time and skills effectively, enabling you to showcase your abilities to the fullest extent.

Support from experienced career specialists is also available

For those who are interested, goji offers dedicated assistance from our team of experienced career specialists. They will help you optimize your presentation skills, experience, and achievements to companies. For further details, please contact us directly.


goji online talent search platform is designed to connect the overlooked and undervalued talents with real jobs, real projects, regardless of their age, gender and nationality.

Most major recruitment agencies primarily focus on recruiting labor from the young generation to the middle class, engaging in daily hiring activities. However, the Japanese talent market is a treasure trove of highly skilled ‘true professionals’ regardless of age or gender. We sincerely wish to assist these ‘true professionals’ in finding fulfilling work and projects, providing them with opportunities to shine. Our goal is for them to enjoy a meaningful work-life balance.

The registered talents with goji are genuine professionals who have achieved accomplishments in the following fields:

  • Corporate accounting, taxation, internal/external auditing
  • Finance, accounting, budgeting, business planning, financial analysis
  • Human resources (payroll, social insurance, employee benefits)
  • Talent development, training/coaching
  • M&A, development, and implementation of corporate restructuring plans
  • ERP system implementation (SAP, Oracle)
  • IT specialists (CISM, CISSP, PMP)
  • Interim management for mid-term and short-term roles such as Finance Director

We are confident that we can bring a fresh perspective to the future employment forms, methods, and work styles in Japan. Through goji, we are committed to making this a reality.

Note: The term “work-life balance” is mentioned in the context of providing a fulfilling work environment, although it does not have an exact translation in Japanese.


Your Benefits

We have prepared various features and tools for you to promote yourself and showcase your unique talents. You can easily create your own personal PR using these tools. For those who wish, we also provide additional support. Please contact us.

For those who desire, we also provide support for career consultations and preparation for interviews.

Creation of Skills Profile

We compile specific skills, certifications, experience, achievements of each registrant and summarize it into a concise 1-page summary, which is then featured on their personalized page. If desired, our team of career specialists is also available to provide assistance in creating this personalized profile page.

Your Profile Photo

You can take your own profile photo for the 1-page summary profile, and we will publish it on your personalized profile page. By having a visible profile photo, it enables smoother interviews even during the initial meeting, as it allows the hiring companies to have a visual representation of the registrant when contacting them directly.

Registration Process


Please fill out the form below and send it to our company.


When your profile matches the needs of a company, they will contact you directly to schedule an interview.


Since you can directly coordinate and schedule interviews with companies on your own, without involving goji, it allows for smoother scheduling.

Ready to begin your journey with goji?

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